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16 Dec 2014  

The CACSC is excited to be holding a Phonathon, sponsored by KWCH, to help us finish out the Mabee challenge portion of our Behind Closed Doors Capital Campaign. See the article below for more details on the campaign. If you would like to provide a donation, please call (316)436-5627 during the hours of 4:00pm-7:00pm on Thursday, December 18th.

16 Dec 2014  

Behind Closed Doors: A Campaign to End Childhood Abuse, Neglect and Sex Trafficking

Earlier this year, the CACSC publicly launched a $6.5 million BEHIND CLOSED DOORS Campaign at the former Lincoln Elementary School. Once the goal is reached and renovations are completed, this building will be the new home of the CACSC. In addition to our CACSC staff and services, the building will provide offices and support for partner agencies that participate in child abuse and neglect investigations and treatment. This larger, child-focused facility will allow us to more effectively serve over 2,000 children a year, which is only a portion of the 4,500 child abuse and neglect cases investigated annually in our county by our partner agencies. The facility will also allow for enhanced community education and partner training opportunities.

As of December 15, 2014, we have raised $4,155,000 in gifts and pledges towards our goal to secure a $500,000 grant from the J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation of Tulsa. If an additional $45,000 can be secured by December 30, 2104, we will receive this $500,000 grant. This grant serves to inspire past and first-time donors to become involved in the work of the CACSC. However, it is an all-or-nothing challenge grant, so it requires us to secure that additional $45,000 or we lose the $500,000 from the Mabee Foundation. Multi-year pledges will count toward the challenge. No government can money can be used to meet the Mabee challenge grant. With the most recent $1 million award from Sedgwick County, our entire campaign has raised $5,155,000 of the total $6.5 million goal.

Our campaign leadership team gives voice to the CACSC's mission to end the suffering of abused children. Honorary Campaign Chairs are Ken and Jan Shannon. Co-chairs, Mark & Kathy Melhorn, Tim & Susan Norton, and Ron & Suzanne Vaupel, along with other leadership team members, assist the Executive Director in facilitating campaign efforts. The time and personal gifts they devote to the campaign are appreciated.

We thank the individuals, foundations and businesses in our community and state who are donors to the campaign, and would be pleased to have your help in improving the lives of abused children and enriching the future of our community. Start by contacting Diana Schunn by phone at 316-660-9495 or email at


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Our Vision

To lead our community in eliminating the suffering of abused children.

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Our Mission

Promoting the safety, health and emotional well-being of abused children and their caregivers by bringing together public, private and community partners.
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If you suspect child abuse or neglect:
call 911 or 1.800.922.5330
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"The purpose of children's advocacy centers (CAC) is to provide a comprehensive, culturally competent, multidisciplinary team response to reports of child abuse in a dedicated, child-friendly setting." - National Children's Alliance